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Below listed, is what our License permits us to do for all available products; for both download or purchase from CreativeUIUX.

Our License supports the users through the underway, non-exclusive, and global license for using the digitized work or item.

  • You are commissioned to utilize the item for producing immeasurable End Products, for you or the clients. You may choose to sell, licensed, sub-licensed, or distribute the End Products freely.


You can:

  • Make End Products for either personal projects or your clients

  • Distribute, sub-license, license, or sell the End Product

  • Create numerous copies of the product

  • Alter or manage the item and mix them with other creations to create an offshoot work. The ensuing works will be subjected to terms laid down in this license.

  • It is a ‘Multi-use’ License; this means that users can apply these on several items for various projects.


You cannot:

  • Distribute the item again as stock images or source files, irrespective of all amendments, under no situation. That is to say, users cannot reproduce or make changes in the item and trade it on a different marketplace under your name.


Sample End Products:

  • Your End Products may cover, but not stay confined to, web apps, wireframes, videos, games, presentations, illustrations, themes, mobile apps, and websites.