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Please go through the Terms & Conditions cautiously before using CreativeUIUX’s website- https://creativeuiux.com, and its mobile app & website designing template services.

The accessibility and utilization of this service are conditioned; based on your approval & conformity of the Terms. These conditions are acted upon every user, visitor, or anyone else- who is interested in using or accessing our service through our website.

You will coincide with these Terms automatically if you use or access our service. The permission to access or use the service will be denied to you if you disagree or disobey any of these terms.


You will accept the notifications for newsletters, promotional, and other marketing materials when you sign up for our service. However, you have the liberty to withdraw from receiving these alerts, few or all. You just have to open the Unsubscribe link or the operating instructions sent with the notifying email.


If you are interested in buying any service or product presented through our Purchase service. You will be requested to submit specific information that is linked to your purchase. This may cover billing address, shipping data, credit card number, and credit card expiry date.

Users will also have to present & justify that; (i) You have all legal authorities to use the credit card(s) for all purchases you make; (ii) You have to attest that the data provided by is accurate, real, and covers all basics.

Our service may or may not recruit third-party service support for the sole reason of making the payment & Purchase completion easier. After agreeing to our Terms and presenting forward your information, you will be permitting us to share the required information with the third-parties, liable to our Privacy Policy.

We have all rights of canceling or refusing your orders, during any step of order processing, for particular reasons. These will include, if not constrained to, service/ product availability, fault in order placement, mistakes in price or product description, and few other reasons.

We might also reject or cancel your purchase if suspected of making an illegal or illicit transaction.

All-Access Pass Purchases

The All-access Pass from CreativeUIUX will enable every user for downloading the item and use them regularly. CreativeUIUX’s product list is made up of downloadable items, making it easy for users to access and work on a project. This service lasts only till the pass life. Employing a script to download several products at once, sharing pass with other users, and spam downloading of items is prohibited. This may make the user liable to be banned, without any refunds.

Availability, Mistakes, & Imprecision

Throughout the service, we continuously upgrade the service offerings & products. Users might experience a delayed updation of their service, other websites, and our advertising. The data found through these services might be inaccurate, incomplete, or the latest. We do not guarantee the preciseness or wholeness of any type of information presented with the Service. The products could be unavailable, priced wrong, or have a faulty description. 

Therefore, we have kept all rights, for changing/ updating the data, rectifying mistakes & errors, and omissions, to ourselves. We may use this during any stage of purchasing and without advance warning.


By signing up on our website, you will be ascertaining that the submitted information is complete & correct and that you over 18 years of age. In case of, if found, the information provided is wrong, incomplete, or misleading, we may terminate the user account instantly; preventing the user from accessing our services.

Users will have full responsibility for administering the secrecy of their accounts/ passwords. This may include, not limited to, the access of your account and device. You will also have full accountability of all activities, transactions, or actions that take place through your account name or password. If experiencing a security breach or unethical use of the account, users are requested to inform about it to CreativeUIUX right away.

Account-holders will not be permitted to use a username already taken by another user, or any item that is legally not available for usage. This comprises of trademarks and brand name, which is under patent by any other user; unless you have proper authorization. Users shall not use usernames that are obnoxious, repulsive, or vulgar.

CreativeUIUX has reserved all rights for editing/ removing content, denying service, canceling orders, and terminating accounts; on only our prudence. 

Returns & Refunds Policy

CreativeUIUX does not issue reimbursements for its digital items. Users are advised to contact us for further assistance and if you experience any problem in downloading or receiving our Products.

Intellectual Property

The original content & Services, including the serviceability and features, are and will stay the property of CreativeUIUX exclusively. Our Service is safeguarded under trademark, copyright, and other relevant laws of the region and international market. Our trade dress or trademark cannot be used in integration with other services and products, without written approval from us.


CreativeUIUX can suspend or cease the user account, stopping all access to the Service, without notifying before only under our complete discretion, regardless of all reasons and restrictions, comprising of but not restricted to the Terms.

For terminating the account, users can discontinue using our Service.

All regulations related to the Terms that may help in surviving the termination process will cover, but not limited to, warranty disclaimers, liability limitations, ownership provisions, and indemnity.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances shall the CreativeUIUX, its employees, suppliers, directors, agents, affiliates, or partners, be responsible for any type of special, indirect, corrective, accidental, or even consequential damages. These include, not constrained to, loss of goodwill, information, use, profits, or other impalpable damages. These could be consequences of (i) User’s access or usage of all our Service and products; (ii) All content or conduct from all third-parties on our Service; (iii) All content type available through our Service; & (iv) Illegal access, usage, and modification of user's content and transmission, irrespective of it being based on tort, warranty, and the contract or all other legal theories, this will depend on the possibilities of such loss and whether or not are we alerted about it, and if any solution has been created.


We have reserved all rights for altering or replacing the Terms, during any time, only at our discretion. If there are any changes in any material, our team will provide a notice 15-days before the updated Terms are enacted. We will decide all modifications in the eligibility or participation levels.

If you continue accessing and using our Service, after the latest revisions are implemented, you will be bound to agree to these new Terms directly. If any user displays disagreement with the new Terms, their authorization for using our Service will be terminated.

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In case you have other doubts about our Terms, contact us for further consulting.